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Accounting services

Do you want to achieve better business results and increase your revenue by saving money for your business? Are you wondering how to cut back on your monthly business expenses and still fully comply with legal regulations?

Our highly efficient accounting services provide detailed, effective, and timely information to help you save money while doing business. If you want to grow a successful business while following legal regulations – contact us at the bottom of the page.

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Save money while doing business

Thanks to our 100% digitalized accounting services, you get accurate and useful information at the right time, which can help you save a lot of money in your business operations
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Increase your revenue and improve your business

The main purpose of accounting is to provide decision-makers with information on how to find and use sparse economic assets, such as financial, tangible, and intangible assets and labor. Your funding decisions determine your prices, employee salaries, the goods and services you produce, and, ultimately, your profits.

Decisions made by managers are largely based on information obtained from accounting. For this reason, management needs to ensure the accuracy and reliability of all accounting data.

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Revenue growth

24-hour access to business data through digital channels lets you make timely and efficient decisions and grow your business revenue
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Process improvement

Our experts with more than 30 years of experience can help you significantly improve your business processes and optimize your overall business operations

What services do we provide for our clients?

The task of accounting is to understand financial reporting requirements, tax regulations, as well as regulatory requirements that concern a given industry. Accounting has to be able to design accounting and internal control systems, interpret and record complex transactions, and assist managers in interpreting all kinds of accounting information.

As part of our accounting services, AFC Portal also offers professional opinion and troubleshooting of seemingly unsolvable issues.

Our accounting services include:

Accounting services
Fixed assets
Tax recordkeeping and tax filing services
Preparing and drafting the annual statement
Main cash book
HR records
Salary and other income calculation services
Other reports on demand

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